Am I a Homeschooler?

So when does a person become genuine homeschooler? Since my little bug is not even preschool age yet, I usually say that I'm not a homeschooler, but that I think I'd like to be one someday. But hey, this morning, I thought, "Since when is there a deep divide between school age and preschool age--especially for homeschoolers?" Sure, for kids who leave the home to go to school, there a huge difference between staying at home at age five and going to school at age six. But that divide isn't there for homeschoolers in the same way. If I'm teaching my Bug how to clap his hands and say "Mama" today and in two years I'm teaching him "red, yellow, blue" or "A,B,C" isn't that the same thing for me? Even though he's at a very early stage of development now, I'm teaching him and he is learning. In fact, I am investing quite a lot of time and energy to teach him. Of course, what he's learning now isn't formal learning. I realize that school is regarded as formal learning by most souls, although homeschoolers don't seem to be so rigid about the division between formal and informal learning.

So what's your verdict? It is okay if I call myself a homeschooler? Is that stretching the meaning of the word too much? Is it confusing definitions? What do you think?

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