Happy 57th Birthday, Dad!

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My father just celebrated his 57th birthday and sent me this picture of him this morning. He's reading the book "Gilead" I bought him. After reading a review of it in Christianity Today, I bought it for him. "Gilead" won the 2004 (or maybe 2003) pulitzer prize. It's about a retired minister in rural Iowa who is nearing death. The book is written from his perspective as a memoir of his life for his young son. Maybe I'll borrow it from my father when he's done. I've been known to buy other people books and then read them myself. . . But anyway.

This shot of my father is just classic. Notice the piles of computer books on the right hand and the printer and other computer paraphenalia on the left. Of course, the tub of ice cream is hard to miss. My father is known for his love of ice cream. We used to buy Tillamook ice cream each year when we went to Oregon for vacation. (Tillamook ice cream is made in Oregon.) At some point, they started selling it in Washington too. Hope he didn't eat the whole thing at once. The best part of the picture is the double tiered lamp. My father though the original lamp wasn't bright enough so he wired another one on the top. That's my father. Very practical but no concern for aesthetics.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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