How to Get Free Books by Blogging

No words on earth generate such glee as the phrase "free books"--except, of course, the equally thrilling words "free food."

Recently, two of the blogs I enjoy reading, Allthings2all and Jollyblogger, mentioned that they have become Mind and Media exclusive reviewers. "What's this all about?" I wondered, so I followed their links over to the Mind and Media site. It's a great site with a fabulous concept behind it. Mind and Media coordinates with various Christian publishers, such as Baker Books and Bethany House Publishers, to get free copies of newly released books and then pass them along to bloggers. The bloggers must agree to read the book and then review it on their site. They even have access to the authors for an interview or to answer questions. Not only is the book free but the shipping is also free--a great bonus for me living in South Korea. Oh, Mind and Media also asks the reviewer to post their little logo (you can see it over on the left just under my profile) and to post a picture of each book under review for at least 30 days. That's it.

For a reading junkie like myself this is a golden find. Once I get the books I'll let you know more. Mind and Media is still looking for more bloggers to do reviews. If you love books, check out their site even if you don't want to be a reviewer.

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