Social Justice Links

I've found a few interesting website that some of you may want to check out.

First, Sojourners magazine is a publication promoting "Christians for Justice and Peace." I would say it is a bunch of Christians who don't feel quite represented by Dobson and the like. They are anti-war, pro-environment, and pro-social justice. Their current issue is about living more simply. I found the article "Less is More" to be quite helpful. Unfortunately, they require registration but the articles were worth the trouble. I did look at their statement of belief and while I don't agree with everything on it, I did agree with a lot.

Second, if you're interesting in prison ministry and reforming the criminal justice system check out Prison Fellowship. According to their site, they are dedicated to "exhorting, equipping, & assisting the Church in its ministry to prisoners, ex-prisoners, & their families." The most interesting section was Justice Fellowship which has many articles about ways in which the criminal justice system can be reformed to provide healing for victims and rehabilitation and restoration for offenders. I read through a number of their articles this afternoon and was impressed. The articles on restorative justice gave me some hope.

Let me know if you look at either site and what you think.

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