Book Hedonism?

Books are a bright point in my life and it has been a blindingly bright book week. The postman and I might become good friends soon--he has been at my door three times to deliver books from, once to deliver books I had my sister mail to me, and once to deliver a book I am reviewing for Mind and Media. Just look at the reading list on my sidebar! (Psst! You can add one on your own blog very easily by signing up free at All Consuming.) Let you think I am sliding into unrestrained book hedonism, let me tell you that I paid a large sum of money to an educational organization to be required to read most of these books.

This morning, while my Buggy Boy miraculously slept for over two hours, I read the first three chapters of Jesus by Leith Anderson. It was provided to me free from Mind and Media on the condition that I review it here. I'm enjoying it tremendously so far, and soon you are going to see a positive review or two popping up on this blog and others.

Messy Christian is looking for people who would be interesting in group blogging through Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. I read it four or five years ago and would be happy to keep reading it every five years until I die. So I'm going to try to locate my copy, wherever it it is and join Messy. My books are scattered all over the word--1/5 in Dallas, Texas about 3/5 in Washington State and another 1/5 here in South Korea. Are you interested in joining us? It is a worthy read, a true modern classic.

In fact, why don't you join me for a second book? Take a look at my reading list and see if anything interests you. If so, let me know. Maybe we can blog about it together. "Two are better than one, for if one falls down the other can help him up again. But pity the one who falls down and has no one to help him.

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