A Call for Posts on Darfur and Other Things

Last week, I was lamenting my laziness in not writing to my senators about the Darfuri crisis in Sudan. Just when I was feeling low, I got a response from one senator thanking me for my letter about the Darfuri crisis. Sigh. I guess I did write to them. That's the state of my mind recently. I do something good, forget that I did it, and them feel guilty for not doing it.

As far as I know, I have briefly alluded to the Darfuri crisis in Sudan several times recently in this blog but haven't written a post devoted solely to Sudan for quite some time. A lot of my recent posting has been on the nature of giving, especially as that relates to Christians, and while Sudan has been in the back of my mind as I write, I haven't specifically addressed it. Now is the time to do so.

This morning I got a letter from Catez Stevens at Allthings2all asking me to feature her call for posts about Sudan. She is asking for bloggers to write about any aspect of the crisis in Sudan and then submit their posts to her by May 15th. She will then feature the posts on her blog. This is a great way to raise awareness of the tragic situation in Sudan and to interact with others who have a similar concern. Catez is offering a lot of flexibility in what and how you write on Sudan. As far as I know, her only requirement is that you not use expletives. You can read more about this at The Darfur Collection: Submission Invited.

Now, that I've let you know about it, let others know about it on your blog and then write a post about Sudan and submit it to Catez.

Intent has written a post "What is it with Christians and Money?" that clearly develops the thoughts I have about Christians and giving. Though it is not specifically about Sudan, it is be a good starting point for thinking about our responsibility to help others.

And recently on this blog I was asked if I am a Christian Socialist along the line of Ron Sider. Not really knowing what he taught, I answered, "No." I might have to take back my answer. I read a brief interview of Ron by World Magazine titled "Resisting Labels." Though I am a fan of World, the interview gave the distinct impression that World and others have misunderstand what Sider stands for. I couldn't agree with Sider the way World portrayed him in their questions but I could heartily agree with him the way him presented himself in his responses. I still need to learn more about him and his particular views, but so far I am intrigued and glad to see that he is strongly pro-life.

UPDATE: While you are at Allthings2all, you must read Babes and Arms: The Children of Darfur. If you aren't sure why Darfur matters, read this post.

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