Pray for Darfur: Week One

Throughout this summer, I will be blogging once a week or so for Darfur. We need to pray. I need to pray. I have not been faithful in my prayers for those who suffer. I hope this blog will remind me and a few of you to take a short moment to pray.

This post will not contain much background information. I assume you know the basics about the situation in Darfur. If not, check out the Darfur Collection. As I research more, I will try to post information that I find which sheds more light on the situation.

It grieves me that the world has known of this situation since it began in 2003, yet nearly two years have passed without any action being taken. My hope is that the lives of the people of Darfur will be spared so that God may show his mercy on them and be glorified by the love shown toward them. I hope that the worldwide church of God will reach out to and assist refugees for years to come. I hope that many of the people of Darfur will come to know Christ and grow in their knowledge of him. To that end, I pray.

First, I pray that God will halt the killing by the Janjaweed and that he will provide resources to stop the 10,000+ deaths per month in the refuges camps. How can these people hear the gospel of Christ and respond to it if they are dead?

Second, I pray that God would use the enormous tragedies the survivors of Darfur have endured to open their eyes to their need for Christ. Many times, God used tragedies to break people’s dependency upon false hopes, such as family, tribe, nation, or religion. I pray that the people of Darfur will lose confidence in their government, in their own tribes, in their own customs, and place their faith firmly in Christ. May the people are Darfur see that their need is to meet the God who shed his own blood for them.

Third, I pray that the church of God around the world will pray for and minister to the needs of Darfur refugees. Any tragedy is an opportunity for God to demonstrate his grace and mercy toward needy people. A tragedy of this scope is a great opportunity for the church to serve God by reaching out to people whose lives have been destroyed. The world may look the other way while thousands die because the world has little interest in the destinies of an insignificant tribe in Africa. But the church ought not ignore these people or forget that Christ too died for them.

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