Endings and Beginnings

A few of my favorite blogs have recently ended their old address and moved to a shiny new location.

Michele has kept her original template and moved it to a new address at Testimony and Truth.
Sparrow has changed her template completely has a beautiful new site now at Intent

A few great new blogs have began recently too. . .

My one and only sister (we have no brothers) has started her own blog after some arm twisting by me and has posted a number of interesting pictures recently. She moved to Manila in May and is planning on being in the Philippines for the next two years studying. Essie in Manila is a fairly new blog so there are no blogrolls etc. yet. I'm trying hard to convince my sis that her talents are worthy of a larger audience. Head over and leave a comment for her!

Stacy Harp, the founder and president of Mind and Media, has started writing for Persecution Blog. This blog was newly launched to help spotlight the plight of persecuted Christians around the world. It's an idea I wish I'd thought of--but since I didn't, I'm glad that Stacy did. This is blog I'm going to be reading regularly.

Also a great contest, Calling All Intellectuelles at Marla Swoffer is coming to an end soon. Marla will be forming a seven-woman strong group blog with an intellectual bent. It seems like nothing on the blogsphere can be done without controvery. This contest has experience some controversy at first, controversy which I think is undeserved. I do think God has given some people more intellectual gifts than others, just as he has clearly made some people taller than others. Any gift from God is to be used for the common good not for self-glorification. But there is no point in denying that the gift exists. Maybe I'll write more about this later. (Sadly, I'm thinking that phrase should become my motto!)

Speaking of intellectual, my blog has been anything but that lately. My classes require mountains of reading. All my intellectual energy has been going into mountain climbing--I mean reading! Here's what I've finished in the last week.

Let The Nations be Glad by John Piper. Read for WM101 "Introduction to World Missions"

True Evangelism by Lewis Sperry Chafer. Read for another class PM102 "Evangelism."

The Lost Letter of Pergamum by Bruce W. Longenecker. Read for ID101 "Intertestamental History"

Levi's Will by W. Dale Cramer. Read for fun. I received this free from Mind and Media and will be writing more about it later. Really, I will, I promise. Manana is my motto.

Today I should finish reading Salvation to the Ends of the Earth: A Biblical Theology of Missions by Andreas J. Kostenberger and Peter T. Brian. This book is for "Introduction to World Missions."

Today or this weekend I'll finish reading Studying the Historical Jesus: A Guide to Sources and Methods by Darrell Bock. This one was for "Intertestamental History."

Whew! Once I finish all the other books listed in my sidebar, maybe I'll have energy to review a few of them here.

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