I Thank Thee Lord for Creating Amazon.com

Ha! I know some of you are praying for me and I really appreciate it. Miraculously, I was able to finish all my work this week, not just on time but several days early. And that was in spite of

**not having access to a physical library where I can do my research
**having my laptop which contains several hundred electronic volumes which I depend upon break down completely
**not being able to install an important program on my husband's laptop because I left my copy of the serial number in a file cabinet in the US
**not being able to access my school's online resources because I have a $2 fine
**not being able to pay the fine because I am in another country and have no checks to send them
**not being able to contact any friends in the Dallas area who would make a subsitutionary offering of $2 for me

So, I ended up doing most of my research on Amazon.com. Seriously. They have a new search inside program in which you can search for any word and phrase within a book (as long as the publishers include it) and read two pages before and after your search term. It's not a good way to read cover to cover but it is a great way to extract essential info without having to buy the book. There are quite a few commentaries and Christian books included. Sadly, some of the better academic ones are not searchable but there are still a large number of useful books. Whew.

I've always loved Amazon.com. Now I love it even more.


On a serious note, I am playing with the idea of registering for my thesis this fall or next spring. One professor suggested I work on it while I'm here in Korea. Only thing is I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle it. I have an idea of writing about the use of OT quotes in the New Testament. But I would need to seriously tackle Hebrew first. Hmm. Am I ready?

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