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Maybe blogging is like golf for me. I grew up just a few miles from a world renowned golf course, the Coeur d'Alene resort. You know the sterotype of avid golfers. Frustrated, spewing expletives, angry, fiendishly concentrated on their game--all in the name of fun. That how I am with blogging--okay, with everything. Except the profanity.

I asked my husband recently, "Am I an easy going person?"
My normally non-reactive husband roared with laugher. "You?! No, you're not easy going."
"Oh. " Maybe that's why my good friend said I'm very high maintenance.

So, in accord with my driven personality, not only do I have one new layout to announce but TWO more blogs.

Behind Curtain #1: Intellectuelle is launching in less than 24 hours. Seven women, including myself, form the writing team. Bookmark us. Add us to your newsreader. Then come to our blog and disagree with what we have to say. We all have an intellectual bent and want to have a forum for flexing our mental muscles. Starting date is 6/28 PST. For the first few days, we will be posting our biographies. I am as interested to see the bios as you should be, since I have never met any of the women I'll be writing with. My own bio will be out on Wednesday 6/29 (PST). I am bound by solumn oath to contribute at least one post worthy of the name Intellectuelle per week. And I am sworn on my honor not to duplicate my posts here. So you must visit me there.

Behind Curtain #2: If you are reading me in a newsreader (my normal practice) you may not notice my new look--the result of much rage and late night code altering. This is not a new template. From the beginning until now, I keep modifying the same template to get the result I want, siince I can't find a ready made template that I like. I had a surprisingly difficult time creating two functional sidebars from the blogger xml code. Finally, I reordered the major items in the CSS section and the xml section so that it goes sidebar1 + sidebar2 + main rather than the original order main + sidebar. Then it worked. Well, it works in IE not Firefox. I am a Firefox user myself, but I am going to use IE for blogging for now. . .

Behind Curtain #3: One Room School-Home is one day old. This blog is on trial to see if it is worthy of my labor/labour. I might be stretching myself too thin. I am impressed, however, with the free blogging service that Homeschool Blogger offers. If you homeschool, check it out.

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