Spicy Cold Noodles

This dish, called 비빔냉면, had recently become a favorite of mine. This picture was taken in a restaurant. I did make it once when my husband and I invited over a couple from our church. After slaving away trying to prepare it, they arrived and told me that they didn't eat gochujang. (They weren't Korean people, of course.) Gochujang is a sauce made out of red peppers that is used to season the noodles and for a hundred other things. It's the Korean equivalent of ketchup. To my taste, it's only medium hot at most, but I guess some people just can't handle it. Too bad for them.

My husband, who is the family historian, says that this dish emerged in North Korea and that it was originally served in winter. He likes to eat it with a fried "pancake" made from ground mung beans.

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