Growing Evidence of Senility

There is growing evidence that I am losing my mind. I would like to blame this on the natural process of aging rather than on any real mental disorder. Maybe you can help me judge.

1. A woman recently asked me when my son's birthday was. I answered--with the wrong date. Now, there are some women on the web who have 12 children and I'm sure they could be excused for forgetting one child of twelve's birthday. But, me, I have ONE child, only one. And we just celebrated his birthday six weeks ago.

2. Recently, another person asked me my husband's birthday--and I forgot. Fortunately, I was one the phone and could run to look at our calendar and answer without looking too foolish.

3. I am in the woeful habit of pushing the elevator buttons in the direction in which I want to the elevator to go rather than the direction in which I want to do. For example, when I stand on the 12th floor and want to go down to the 1st floor I should push the DOWN arrow, right? But, no, for some reason my brain tells me to push the UP arrow to make the elevator come UP to me. My father-in-law does the same thing, but he has an excuse. He is 70 years old.

4. After being chided constantly by my husband for not taking my own set of keys with me when we go out, I have become paranoid and am taking out my keys at the most inappropriate times. For example, I sometimes take out my keys when I get off the subway, as if I need them to get out of the terminal. I sometimes even take out my keys when getting on the elevator.

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