Heart Attack Theology

If you want to see me having a theological heart attack, read the post Ideas Have Consequences which I just put up at Intellectuelle. Whenever I post something like this, I question myself. Am I overreacting? Am I even right? Did my tone come across the way I intended? Have I researched my topic well enough? Then, I always fight the temptation to delete my post and pretend it all never happened.

In this case, I'm sure that I haven't reasearched my topic well enough. I would like to read Wideness in God's Mercy and A Most Moved Mover: A Theology of God's Openness by Clark Pinnock. I would like to read No Other Name and The God Who Risks by John Sanders. Then I would like to write a nice, reasoned post. But I am already maxed out. I can't read any more books now.

I think I could easily have fellowship with a person who held an inclusive view of salvation (per the definition I had heard). I don't see it as a heresy. But what I've read from proponents of Open Theism is extremely disturbing. It FREAKS ME OUT! I cannot reconcile the God I love with a god who doesn't know the future and makes mistakes.

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