I'm an Elderly 24 Year Old

I keep dismaying my husband by telling him that I feel like I'm getting older. But I do feel noticably older. Just two years ago, I usually stayed up until 2 AM and frequently much later. And I was up before 8 AM and busy all day. Now, it is only 9:38 PM right now, but my eyes are crossing, I'm drooling, and I'm ready to plop into bed. Well, I'm not really drooling, but I could be.

And I just don't feel any emotions as strongly as I used to. I'm more moderate. I used to be able to look at the moon rising and feel ecstatic, unbearable joy. Or read a sad story and be totally distraught and weeping. Now, almost all my emotions stay in the medium range. Is this what people mean when they say they're getting older?

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