Notes from My Sickbed

If there is anyone still reading this blog, I would humbly ask that you pray for me. I have been sick since last week with the flu and high fever. I felt much better on the weekend, but yesterday I got worse again with a migraine like headache. I am worried because my husband and I have to made a long trip this weekend. We have to go to his home city, Pusan, to renew my foreign resident visa. If we don't go, we will face a large fine. Anyway, I need to get better before then. Travelling with a toddler is exhausting enough.

On another notes, as I have been sick, I have been thinking about how there really are no "principles" for being a good parent, having a good marriage, growing spiritually except for Christ himself. Duh, you say. I know. But I have been exposed to many "Christian" books and messages that proport to teach some principle that will magically fix everything. I am becoming convinced that Christ is the only answer.

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