My Blog is Gone?

Update: Thanks to all of you who emailed me and commented. Yes, as one commenter suggested and a friend confirmed, South Korea had blocked all Blogger sites and some Typepad sites. I just didn't have time to figure out how to set up a proxy, so I let it be. Seems that everything is back now. I haven't been able to read most of my favorite blogs for the past week. The break has been kind of nice. . .

For the last 12 hours, my blog seems to be gone. I have tried loading it from several different locations, but on each computer, the page is not found. I still am able to post, or so it seems, and I am able to check my comments through Haloscan's website. If my blog is loading just fine and you are able to read this, would you please leave a comment or sent me an email if you have a minute? I am curious if this is a problem with Blogger or just a problem here in Korea.

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