Skype and Jars of Clay

I finally downloaded Skype! A dear friend from DTS called me before I had everything quite set up.  Once I got my headset pulled in, we enjoyed a free international phone call. The connection was good enough, though sometimes we could hear a slight delay. Still, I could hear her voice better than when I call with my phone card.  Then I got my father to download Skype and I talked with him and my Grandmother for about 90 minutes.  

My Grandmother was wild about a new CD.  “It’s got all the old hymns jazzed up!” she exclaimed.  “I read about it in World and I had to try it. It’s called Redemption Songs by Jars of Clay!”  My almost 79 year old Grandmother is a Jars of Clay fan? Who would’ve thought!  She was so jazzed she went and got the CD and played it to me over the phone.  

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