101 Korean Words

I haven’t been idle lately. Instead, I’ve been redoubling my efforts to learn Korean. My vocabulary needs the most work. During Buggy Boy’s nap yesterday, I looked up the following words in Yahoo! Korean Dictionary. If it weren’t for Yahoo, I’d never be able to look up this many words this fast. Now, if I could just remember them all. . .

  1. 친정 ((a woman's)) native home
  2. 산후 postpartum
  3. 펄펄 끓는 모양] simmering; seething
  4. 이불 a thick bedquilt
  5. 꼭꼭 tight(ly); fast; firmly; close(ly)
  6. 안쓰럽다 ((be, feel)) sorry and uneasy (for troubling[being helped by] a poor person); pity
  7. 차마 do not have the heart
  8. [누르는 모양] firmly; tightly; hard. [참는 모양] patiently
  9. 기어 [기어] ~를 넣다 engage the gears; let in one's gears
  10. 버럭 [갑자기] suddenly; abruptly; (all) of a sudden; outright; on a sudden
  11. 땀띠 prickly heat
  12. 범벅 [범벅] (일이) ~이 되다 get[be] mixed up
  13. 타이르다 admonish
  14. 버겁다 beyond one's capacity
  15. 불쑥 suddenly; all of a sudden; unexpectedly; abruptly
  16. 그을리다 [연기로] smoke; fumigate; fume; [햇볕에] sunburn; [그을음으로] soot; make sooty
  17. 깔보다 hold ((a person)) cheap; think meanly of
  18. 등장하다 appear on (the) stage
  19. 대지the solid earth; firm ground
  20. 원숙하다 mature; mellow; ripe; fully developed; perfect
  21. 수확 a harvest; a crop; a yield
  22. 연상시키다 suggest ((something)) to ((a person's)) mind
  23. 따스하다 warm; mild; genial
  24. 모성 母性 motherhood; maternity
  25. 목재 木材 wood; [건축용] (house) timber
  26. 실내[室內] the interior of a room.
  27. 금세 [ 금시에] in a moment[a minute, an instant, no time];
  28. 중간색 [中間色] neutral tints
  29. 심오하다[深奧] deep; profound(심원하다)
  30. 자제 [自制] self-control[-restraint]; self-command[-mastery]
  31. 금욕[禁慾] control of the passions; abstinence; self-denia
  32. 상징하다 [象徵] symbolize; emblematize; be symbolic[emblematic] of.
  33. 머슴 a farmhand; a farm servant; a farmer's man
  34. 청빈[淸貧] honest[honorable] poverty
  35. 추구하다 pursue; seek after; chase
  36. 검소하다 [儉素] 간소하다] simple; plain; homely; modest; [검약하다] frugal; thrifty.
  37. 이목[耳目] one's attention
  38. 평범[平凡] commonness; commonplaceness
  39. 겸손하다 [謙遜] modest; humble; unassuming
  40. 대중 [大衆] the general public; the ruck; ordinary Joes
  41. 친근하다 intimate; friendly; close; familiar
  42. 흔하다 abundant; plentiful; common
  43. 유래하다 [由來] result[stem] ((from))
  44. 성씨 [姓氏] a family name; a surname
  45. 주황orange color
  46. 뒤섞이다 be mixed[jumbled] (together, up)
  47. 무난하다fairly good; moderate; passable
  48. 조화되다 be harmonious
  49. 왕족the royal family
  50. 공식 행사 official function/event
  51. 패배defeat; a loss; a reverse
  52. 의식a rite; a ritual; a service
  53. 본능 (an) instinct.
  54. 원시the beginning; genesis; origin
  55. 활력vital power
  56. 압도overwhelm; overpower
  57. 선호하다 to prefer
  58. 점차[漸次] gradually; by (slow) degrees
  59. 색소 a pigment.
  60. 적응하다 to adapt
  61. 간혹 occasionally; at times
  62. 기어들어가다 crawl[creep, clamber] in[into]; worm oneself into
  63. 지적 intellectual; mental
  64. 부유하다 rich; wealthy; opulent
  65. 수준 a level; a standard
  66. 자상하다 cautious and careful; thoughtfully kind; attentive; considerate
  67. 새삼 a love vine
  68. 흥얼거리다hum ((a tune)); sing to oneself
  69. 밀폐하다shut tight(ly); cover[close] up tight;
  70. 용기a receptacle; a container
  71. (반찬) 담다 [그릇에] put in; fill; [음식을] serve; help; dish up[out];
  72. 탐험하다 explore
  73. 직선 a straight[right] line
  74. 구불구불 windingly; crookedly
  75. 막다르다 dead-end ((street)); blind ((alley))
  76. 합치다 combine; unite; join together
  77. 네거리 a crossroads; a cross street
  78. 돌담 stone fence[wall].
  79. 잇다connect; link; join; tie;
  80. 뻗다 stretch (out); hold out
  81. 닿다 touch; come in[into] contact
  82. 간신히barely; narrowly; hardly
  83. 이국풍 exoti(ci)sm; foreign customs
  84. 담쟁이 an ivy
  85. 박덩쿨
  86. 공간 publication
  87. 활용하다apply; utilize; make the most of
  88. 풍기다 give out[off, forth] an odor[a scent] ((of))
  89. 특유하다 characteristic ((of)); peculiar[special] ((to))
  90. 미학 aesthetics
  91. 착안하다notice; perceive; [노리다] aim at
  92. 설계하다plan; design; project; make a plan ((for));
  93. 진화하다 evolve[develop
  94. 비로소 for the first time; not...until[till]....
  95. 준공completion.
  96. 아쉽다 want for; miss ((something))진화되다 to become evolved
  97. 복원하다[be restored] to the original state; reconstruct
  98. 전체 the whole (body); the whole span
  99. 하체 the lower part of the body; the nether limbs; [음부] the pubic region
  100. 튼실하다 strong and firm; solid; substantial
  101. 식탁보 a tablecloth

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