To God on Friday Night

Before I finally go to sleep, I want to pray.  Sometimes writing down my prayers helps me to relax and focus my mind. As I began to write, I decided to try to write them in Korean as well as English.  So I did! Here are a few I feel comfortable sharing with you. Maybe it will inspire you to make your own list. If these sound rather generic, well, my Korean is just not good enough to write any really creative sounding prayer lists (.  But I know what I mean and so does God.

  1. 무엇을 달라고 하는 것을 알려 주시옵소서. (Help me know what to pray for.)

  2. 더 열심히 기도하게 해 주시옵소서. (Cause me to pray more fervently.)

  3. 성경을 읽는 것을 더욱 기뻐해지도록 해 주시옵소서. (Cause me to find greater joy in reading the Scriptures.)

  4. 한국어를 자세히 배우는 저를 도와 주시옵소서. (Help me as I learn Korean.)

  5. 남편에게는 지혜와 민음을 주시옵소서. (Please give my husband wisdom and faith.)

  6. 남편에게는 좋은 취직 자리를 찾아내게 해 주시옵소서. (Please help my husband to find a good job.)

  7. 서울로 이사가는 것을 인도 해 주시옵소서. (Guide us as we move to Seoul.)

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