I Made Kimchi

Well, if you were wondering what all that stuff is in my grocery bags in the picture on the previous post, now you know. Ingredients for kimchi! I have successfully made four kinds of kimchi all in one evening. Hey, I've been accused of being unrealistic and criticized for taking on too much, but no one ever accused me of lacking ambition.

To the right is 열무김치 "Young Radish Leaf" kimchi. It is made with very young white radishes and their attached leaves which are huge. It is seasoned with Korean pepper power, anchovy sauce, sesame seeds, garlic, ginger, green onions, and rice flour. This kimchi is usually not terribly sour and is popular in the summer time. I tried to make this kimchi once before, but what I bought was a different kind of green.
For a change, I also made 고구마 김치 Sweet Potato Kimchi. Sweet potato cubes are sprinkled with rock salt and then rinsed. The cubes are then tossed with a mixture of garlic, ginger, red pepper power, and green onions. Even my husband has never had this kind of kimchi before. I found the recipe in one of my kimchi cookbooks.

To the right is 갓김치 (Indian Mustard Greens Kimchi). This kimchi has a distinctive taste, so they say. I don't particularly like it, but DH does. It is seasoned with a lot of anchovey sauce and then fermented until very sour. It has a strong mustard greens taste and is usually hotter than the average kimchi. I didn't make it very salty because DH dislikes salty food, but now I worry that it will ferment too quickly and be ruined.
Finally, we have 파래김치 (Sea Lettuce Kimchi). It uses a form of seaweed which is different from the type used in sushi or seaweed soup. It has tiny, tiny "leaves" and a strong, clean, fresh sea taste. This kimchi is not fermented but eaten as it is. It should have julienned radish mixed in it, but I was angry with the exorbitant prices our local grocery charged for radish and didn't buy any. I ate a lot of this kimchi last night with rice. Yummy!

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