I Should Be Sleeping, But. . .

Home sweet home! We went to Busan this weekend to visit DH's parents and show my sister, who is visiting from Manila, a different part of Korea. The three of us took the bullet train from Busan to Seoul, which is the final station. Since I was already at Seoul Station, I decided to take a trip to Itaewon (where all the foreigners gather to drink and carouse) to visit a little Ind0-Pak grocery. I gotta support my habit. My masala chai habit. The little store was filled with men only, probably because almost all foreign workers in Korea are men. It was blasting forth Muslim devotional readings in English and Arabic and smelled like exotic things. I picked out as many bags of dal as I could carry back, one large carton of Lipton loose leaf black tea, and (eureka!) one pack of Hershey's cocoa power.

Taking the subway back was a pain. Because Itaewon station does not connect to the line we needed to take, we had to transfer twice. Then our train broke down. We all had to get out and move on to a different train. Then we had to transfer to the Incheon subway system. Each transfer involves a lot of walking and stair climbing. It's good for me, right?

Having arrived home, I found 73 non-spam messages in my inbox. Whew! Somebody loves me. :) Yes, I sent out a few panicked messages before I left on my trip asking people to either pray for me now or send my family flowers later after I go insane. To the best of my knowledge, I haven't gone insane yet. If I retain my sanity until tomorrow, I'll try to get to my inbox. For now, I should try to go to bed.

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