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I have just now fiddled with my comment section and have decided to disable it temporarily. Don't worry, I haven't lost anyone's comments. But I need to have a small break from feeling pressured to respond to the comments that I get. I feel bad when I get comments on my posts and then I can't get around to responding to them. DH and I are busy looking at real estate in anticipation of our lease expiring in less than five weeks. And that's just one of many things on my cluttered mind.

Not to mention that I feel hyper-sensitive these days. The lady at the cafe tonight wouldn't give me free toast with my hot chocolate tonight. They had always given me free toast before, even though I spent less money than tonight. But tonight, she said I had to spend more in order to merit the free toast they had always given to me before. I was crushed. And I don't even like toast much.

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