Why I Bought GWTW and W&P

One thing I can’t stand is waste.  I have a deep and abiding hatred for wasting anything, particularly time and money.  Not that I won’t ever use time or spend money. I just want to reap the maximum possible benefit as I pass my hours or part with my dollars (or won, as it may be).  Today, I spent a cold morning pursuing the DVD section at a nearby large bookstore.  Actually, I am there almost everyday, if not twice a day, so the employees know me and my son.  They held him for me for a few minutes as I agonized over which classic movies to buy.  TV and movies aren’t my thing—they tend to fall in the “time wasting” category in my mind—but I’ve found the most pleasant thing my husband and I can do in the evenings together is watch a good movie.  And classic movies on DVD are not expensive, about $4 each.  (And these are the legal copies, too.) After trying to determine which movie would be the best, I decided on War and Peace and Gone with the Wind.  Why?  They were the longest.  War and Peace is 208 minutes, and Gone With the Wind is longer, I think. Ahem. More for my money, you know.

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