More Random Confessions

I just don't have the mental energy to stick to one topic for more than a few sentences. Thus, I think I'll keep going along with my recent random thoughts theme.

  1. Baked cornbread in the crockpot this morning and, with Hubby's help, ate it all.
  2. Watched Harry Patter with Korean dubbing and English subtitles while Buggy Boy napped today. Talk about brain twisting. I just should've slept instead.
  3. Day by day, I grow more convinced that I'm not really a conservative, politically or religiously or personally. FYI, I'm not really a full-blown liberal either, but I never was deceived on that point.
  4. My faith is becoming more childlike, possibly because I no longer have the ability to think for longer than 2 minutes.
  5. I'm interested in considering post-Calvinism.
  6. I'm rethinking my position on the death penalty.
  7. Okay, so I'm pretty much rethinking my position on a lot of things.
  8. Buggy Boy is up and stinking like, well, you know. . .

1 comment:

  1. *LOL* I don't think I've even seen HP3 in straight English, yet.

    One of the fun things about pirated movies in Ukraine was when LOTR3 was released you could play it in three languages: English, Russian, and Goblin.

    Goblin has a rock soundtrack and completely different script (in Russian) than the original. The kids watch it a lot.