Avoiding Controvery Is a Joke

Oh,dear. I've decided to avoid purposefully stirring up controversy this year, but it seems I forget how easy it is to unintentionally stir up controvery. I could innocently write, "I ate a ham sandwhich this morning," and have PETA after me, or I could write, "I still follow a vegeterian diet 95% of the time," and have the beef-eaters ridiculing me. Though I truly wish to avoid quibbling over small things, I can't help that what I think tends to show through in what I write and that what I think will offend someone, somewhere, somehow.

So, to clarify, this blog is here in order to share my life and my thoughts with those who already know me and those who want to get to know me better. There is real evil in the world and there are real battles to fight. I don't want to waste your time or mine quibbling over matters that have no lasting importance. Yes,I can't help writing about many things, big and small, that come through my mind. You are sure to disagree with me at some or many points, and that's okay. I just don't want to hash through every small point. Rather, I hope to find some kindred spirits and perhaps learn from others who have journeyed farther than I.

With that said, I reluctently admit that the topics which are currently burning in my mind and threating to be written and posted are all controversial ones. It's not my intention to try to stir the waters or upset anyone. Yet, if I don't write about what I am thinking, what am I supposed to do? Write about things that don't interest me?

So, with that said, I will be posting more about why I no longer am entirely comfortable with the label "conservative." If it irritates you, please read another blog--I have no desire to irritate anyone. Nor do I intend to attack or ridicule anyone who does feel comfortable with the label conservative. But if it helps you, even encourages you, than feel free to join me in my journey.

Just so you know, comment moderation is on, and I do try to get to my comment section once a day. Unless your comment is vile, vulgar, and nasty, I will post it. If it takes me more than 24 hours, just consider that I haven't been able to get to the computer and don't take it personally. Also, as you may notice, I'm not so good about replying to all comments. I do read and appreciate each one. I just don't make my internet time a priority. My husband, my son, my studying, my sleep all come before blogging.


  1. Hannah,
    Happy Blogging! I admire your desire to post honestly and thoughtfully. I look forward to your upcoming posts.


  2. Hi Hannah,
    Good idea having comment moderation on. I put mine on when I was busy and just leftr it on. I've had less spam since and it keeps things on track.

    I know what you mean about avoiding controversy - or trying to. I went to a theology blog and ended up in a doozy debate - my annual treat. But so much time can be wasted on such trivial things I think.

    And what's this conservative thingy then... LOl. It's just a label.

  3. Hannah,
    I enjoy reading your thoughts. As I recall, Jesus ruffled a few conservative feathers while he was on earth. He never compromised who He was, and refused to fit into any man-made mold.

    I look forward to reading about what you are thinking and why.