Books I Read in 2005

  1. The Life and Letters of Henry Martyn by John Sargent.  (((

  2. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin  (((((

  3. The Lost Letters of Pergamum by Bruce Longenecker  (((((

  4. Ancient-Future Evangelism by Robert Webber  ((

  5. True Evangelism by Chafer  (((

  6. Levi’s Will by W. Dale Cramer  (((

  7. Hamlet by William Shakespeare  ((((

  8. Jesus and the Rise of Early Christianity by Paul Barnett  (((((

  9. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya: Second Edition by Ruth Tucker  ((((

  10. Salvation to the Ends of the Earth by Andrea Kostenburger and Peter T. O’Brian  (((

  11. How Koreans Talk: A Collection of Expressions by Sang-Hun Choe and Christopher Torchia ((((

  12. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement ((((

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