Figeting Uncomfortably in my Conservative Sweatshirt

For me, coservativism is a well-worn sweatshirt that just doesn’t fit me as comfortably as it used to.  I’ve had the sweatshirt a long time and have fond memories of wearing it.  Most of the people I know and love have a similar sweatshirt and they don’t seem uncomfortable in it at all.  But my shirt just doesn’t fit me quite right anyone.  Maybe I’ve grown since I first started wearing it, or maybe it has changed shape along the way.  Whatever has happened, I don’t put in on as often any more, and I’m not quite as eager to wear it when I go out. But I’m not ready to throw it out yet.  It might fit me again someday, or I might need to pull it out for a special occasion.  It doesn’t upset me to see the people around me proudly wearing their conservative sweatshirts, but I don’t really like it when they ask me to wear mine with them.  I’ve been looking around for a new sweatshirt, and briefly went into a store selling liberal sweatshirts.  But they were even more uncomfortable and ugly than the one I already have.  I’ll keep looking, but most stores seems to sell only two varieties—conservative and liberal.  Maybe I’ll have to find a way to make my own.


  1. There is a difference between religious and political conservatism. Are you referring mainly to political conservativism here?
    I think moving out of the country would tend to have a politically liberalizing effect on anyone, unless, perhaps, they were in the military. Or maybe, with certain missions agencies. Situations where access to news is restricted.

  2. Yes, I am mainly referring to political conservatism. Religious conservatism is a different issue, but I'm not sure that I am entirely comfortable with that either. Maybe that's fodder for yet another post.

  3. I do think it's important to separate out religious and political issues. I have been, and continue to be, on that path, myself.
    Being outside of the U.S. probably makes that easier. :-)

  4. I find myself in some difficulty making the political judgement about myself in regards to "conservatism". I am a registered Republican who voted for Kerry for a variety of reasons.

    I think we have to be careful as Christians to attach secular labels to ourselves. I have found these two articles useful:

    The Problem With Conservatism;
    The Problem With Liberalism

    I pray a clear voice for you as you "renew your mind" once more.

  5. Hannah, I really am looking forward to your posts, because I've moved from left to right and I'm interested in hearing a thoughtful account of going in the other direction.

    My experience, though, is that my experiences living outside the US are what started me moving right.

  6. I'm making my own sweatshirt, too, but it looks kinda funny since I can't sew ;)