I Have So Many Things to Tell You

So little time this morning, but so much I want to say. My well-laid plans to get up early were offset by being awake much of the night listen to my little guy cough. He seems healthy, otherwise. No fever, and absolutely no reduction in his very high energy level. But I'm prone to get bronchitus, even pneumonia, so I worry. Perhaps this afternoon we'll head to the doctor. This is the first time in Buggy Boy's 20 months of life that he has gotten sick enough to even consider a visit to the doctor. He has been outrageously healthy and active. Even though I've been sick frequently, he has remained well. Perhaps because he is still breastfeeding?

Buggy Boy has been loving his daycare. He waves goodbye to DH and I (we both walk him there together) and does not seem disturbed to see us go. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, he harrasses us to get him dressed and go. "Socks! Socks! Hat! Hat!" he says. Then he stands at the door holding his little orange backpack and whines until we leave.

Today was so darn cold. About -7 C, which is about 18 F. Plus the wind was blowing hard and there was no sunlight under the tall buildings. We walked/ran there in a record 8 minutes.

Yesterday, we visited a church in Incheon that has an English service. My husband was slightly reluctant to visit because it is an Assembly of God Church and he is a Presbyterian. The two denominations are supposedly quite different. I say "supposedly" because I've found that in Korea the differences may not be what you think they are. The context is different here than in America, so you can't really assume anything. The Presbyterian Church we used to attend had a lot of guitar playing, people shouting "Amen," and raising their hands. The Assembly of God service we attended yesterday had everyone reciting the Apostles Creed and singing the Lord's Prayer. Not much dancing or raising hands, and no speaking in tongues etc. So, you never know.

The English service pastor is Pakistani and preached in excellent English while another man interpreted his sermon into Hindi. Half of the congregation were South Asian migrant workers--all of whom were young men. The other half were native Koreans, many of whom teach English or are trying to learn English. One person was Korean-American and one was Causasian of some sort--sounded British but I'm not sure.

The bulletin has the Scripture translated into nine languages. English, Korean, Hindi, Urdu, and others that I did not recognize. I'll have to find out exactly which languages. Such things interest me. The sermon was short, strong, and simple. The pastor was quite a lyrical preacher with a deep and resonant voice. Almost like some Black preachers in the States. The theme of the sermon was "You Must be Saved!" and he delighted in repeating that line. He would say slowly, "You must be" then a long pause and with the pitch of his voice very low but still loud, "SAVED!" He went through a number of Scriptures and has almost every line of his sermon transcribed on a handout. He kept all his sentences very short,spoke slowly, and repeated everything at least twice. Quite wise, I think, considering that all but a few of the people listening did not speak English well.

But what made the visit truly successful is the fact that the service meets in a gym and there were mats laid out in the back for kids to play on during the service. No one minded Buggy Boy running around and shaking a tambourine during the song time. And I didn't have to be exiled to a cold, dark room and miss the service. I think it is part of Indian/Pakistani culture for children to be more integrated in adult gatherings, and the pastor didn't seem to mind when Buggy Boy ran to the front and began playing the drums while he was praying. I was horrified, though.


  1. Hope your little one is better soon.
    That was an interesting church service. Keeps you in touch with the international nature of the church, worldwide. I'm glad the little guy could play. :-) That makes such a difference, to a parent.

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