Mondo Beyondo 2006

  1. Write and publish a book—any book—and sell at least one copy.  And, yes, even LuLu is acceptable.

  2. Visit Chaing Mai, Thailand where my SIL friends are.

  3. Go to my Grandmother’s 80th birthday celebration in Lincoln City, Oregon.

  4. Enjoy speaking Korean. (Speak, I can.  Enjoy, I cannot.)

  5. Get my own domain name and start using WordPress.

  6. Visit my sister in Manila.

  7. Get lazar surgery on my eyes.

  8. Get back to studying math and physics.

  9. Find time to comment on other people’s blogs.

  10. Visit friends in Dallas, Texas.

  11. Reconnect with old friends from high school/college.

(HT: Tulip Girl)

1 comment:

  1. I hadn't heard of LuLu. Maybe I could do that one. :-)