My First Blog-a-versary

Happy First Blog-a-versary to me!  I have now been blogging for just over one year.  My very first post was up on December 22, 2004.  To my surprise, that makes my blog very slightly older than Sparrow and Randi.  I did not begin my blog for any real purpose other than curiosity.  In fact, I had no idea what a blog was until I saw it mentioned somewhere and googled “blog.”  I ended up at Blogger and signed up for an account just to see what it was all about.  It took me a few weeks/months to get into it and to figure out how to use basic blogging technology like RSS/javascript/HTML/CSS.  I am still struggling to figure out my blogging style and how much of myself I want to reveal online.

At first, I thought of my blog as a way to keep in touch with family and friends, but it turned out that most people who interact with my blog are not people that I otherwise know!  My family and friends may read it from time to time, but they rarely comment or respond. So, my blog has become its own social network, mostly separate from other networks.  I have been successful in getting my sister and my father to create blogs, though, so maybe I can turn more offline people into online people.  Conversely, maybe I turn some virtual friends into non-virtual friends.  Recently, I had a dream that I visited Sparrow and Julana in Oregon.  Dreams can come true.  Except I’m not sure that Julana lives in Oregon.  But you could move, right, Julana?

So without further ado, here is

My blogging vision for 2006.

  1. Don’t agonize about what to write, how often to post, how the template looks etc.

  2. Glean wisdom from other bloggers.

  3. Avoid stupid controversies.

  4. Take nothing too seriously.

  5. Enjoy the freedom to be silent.

  6. Use my blog however I want to, not how I think it “should” be done.


  1. happy anniversary blog hi my name is Char thought I would stop by and say hi

  2. All worthy goals.

    Happy blogaversary~

  3. "Use my blog however I want to, not how I think it “should” be done."

    You know, I think I've come closer and closer to this over the past year, in a way that feels good to me. There was a time when I saw my blog name at the top of a lot of blogrolls. . . Oooh, did that feel good. Stroked my pride. Similarly, I've seen my blog drop off the same lists and others take that place. And honestly, it's irked me sometimes. *blush*

    Yet, you know what? I'm blogging with the same general purpose as I started with--a place to both keep a family journal online as well as a soapbox to pull out when I feel the need.

    In other ways, I'm still influenced by others--other bloggers, reader, PCAers who might find my blog. . . And there are things I do not write about online because of it, even when it is a real part of who I am, my identity, my family. . .

    Uh, oh. . . straying too close to the too transparent!

    All that to say, Hannah, I'm glad the Lord brought you into my life online. *hug*

  4. I would love to move to Oregon! Boy, would I. I live in the other O, Ohio. :-)
    Congratulations on your first blogaversary.
    There are some things I'm also careful about writing about, because of the nature of the Christian blogging community. Speaking of which, you made some very intriguing comments a post or two back. :-)

  5. Happy Blog-a-versary! I always enjoy stopping by. I like your list.

    For me, community has been one of the best unexpected benefits of blogging.

  6. I never answered your question back at my blog - bad friend. :)

    My official blogday is Jan 12th, but I knew I'd be knee deep in school then, so I celebrated on the 1st. I was planning a blog by then anyway.

    Tulipgirl's was the very first blog I'd ever read - and it was so encouraging and exciting to "meet" her through her posts. I'm pretty sure she had you on her blogroll, and that's how I popped over. "Dogwood Blue" was such a beautiful name!

    I felt like I knew you right away - funny, because we are different in age and probably in some personality things - but I feel like you "get" me and vice-versa.

    I'd LOVE it if you came for a visit - and Julana too! :)

    I love your resolutions. I am feeling more free myself. I finally don't care how much traffic I get *grin*, and I've learned what topics to stay away from.

    Looking forward to another good blogging year!!

    God bless dear friend!

  7. Happy blog-birthday, Hannah!

    I think the first week of January must be a popular time to start a blog! I found three other people on my blog-day!

  8. Happy Anniversary (a little late.) Hoping you can find some whole wheat flour...I have trouble living without mine, too!

  9. Happy Blogiversary Hannah! I read your post on your blogiversary day but had to go before I could comment - came back - had to go again...
    Anyway - I have enjoyed your blog very much and expect that will continue. Yes, we do need to be wise about how much personal stuff we reveal online. But we can still show oursleves and Him through us. Which you do.
    I like your explorative approach and honesty. I'm glad I came across you.

  10. Happy (belated!) Blogiversary, Hannah! I am so glad to have gotten to "know" you via this medium. I'm also glad that you have come to a measure of blogging "peace" (as indicated by your blogging vision). I'd like to think that I have too, at long last, though I do have my momentary relapses :-)