7 Sevens in 2006

No, I have not been struck with a sudden fit of apocolypticism (you know--the seven sevens in Daniel). Instead, I was tagged by Chewymom! (And she is definitely NOT the anti-Christ.)

7 things I want to do in 2006:
Learn to prepare more Korean vegetable side dishes
Get more involved in a church in Incheon.
Make more friends locally.
Greet people and smile at people more often.
Learn to make whole fermented soybeans (청국장)
Visit Thailand and the Philippines
Finish my Korean textbooks

7 things to do less of in 2006:
Screaming and yelling
Shopping at our expensive local supermarket
Getting the stomach flu
Riding the subway
Thinking about the future
Using English

7 ways I‘m going to be a better wife/mother/friend in 2006:
Remember peoples’ birthdays
Use Skype to call people back in the US of A
Give my DH a backrub more often
Plan something for Valentines Day—um, that’s tomorrow!
Pray for my family and friends more often
Try harder to understand my inlaws.
Find a great gift for my very first little niece/nephew.

7 Scripture Passages I want to memorize in 2006:
Well, I confess. I don’t plan or expect to memorize any scriptures this year. I’ve already memorized quite a lot of verses and if I memorize any more, I want to memorize them in Greek or Korean, not English.

7 Books I’ve Never Read that I‘m Going to Read in 2006:
(Sorry this list is pretty boring, but it’s the truth)
Korean Level 4
Korean Level 5
Korean Level 6
Korean Reading 4
Korean Reading 5
Korean Reading 6
The Rise of the Korean Economy

7 Movies I’ve Never Seen that I’m Going to Watch in 2006:
Narnia—and I plan to watch it at least 7 times.

7 people I want to join in too:
Essie in Manila
Random Thoughts
Eastern Sierra Sunshine
And YOU!


  1. "I was tagged by Chewymom! (And she is definitely NOT the anti-Christ.)"

    Phew! Thank you! I definitely have reputation (or two), but I'd prefer not to have "anti-Christ" added to that list! ;)

  2. When you yell and scream, do you do that in Enlish or in Korean? And swear as well?:)


  3. You're having a new niece or nephew? YIPEE!

  4. Well, when I yell, I say "No!" or "Stop!" Always in English. And what I scream, I don't say anything. I just scream. :)