Defining Love

Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed has come up with an excellent working definition of Christian love. "To love others is to yearn for, work for, and pray for what God wants for that person." Check out his quote in context of Christians and homosexuality here. I have to say that his blog has the absolute best comment section of any I've seen recently. People are polite, thoughtful, articulate, and interesting even while disagreeing with him and others. He is the only blogger I've seen so far who has been able to carry on an intelligent and biblical discussion of homosexuality for several weeks through six different posts without ever letting the discussion go "bad" and without killing it through over-moderation (is that a word?). I feel like I can learn something about blogging graciously and intelligently from watching him.

I first "met" Scot McKnight in seminary where I read his book "New Testament Interpretation" (or was the title "New Testament Exegesis") in a Greek class. Buggy Boy was turning sumersaults in my tummy at that time. Now I'm far from any classroom, but through blogging, I can still interact with great minds. I love it!

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