Here I Am

Have spent the last few days holding a sick little guy in my arms. Buggy Boy is not usually a lap baby. He's always wanting to wiggle out of my grasp and get his hands on whatever new thing he can find. So, in a way, it has been nice to hold him and comfort him.

I've done a lot of blog and news reading, and I am full of thoughts. But I don't have two hands free to write! So, eventually, I will get back to answering the comments here and also commenting elsewhere--as well as catching up on my email. Until then, I'm going to enjoy the place God has put me.

FYI, Lent begins March 1. March 1 is also a National Holiday in Korea celebrating an Independence Movement that was formed under Japanese Occupation in 191* (I have to check that date). Interestingly, many of the Independence Leaders were Christians. My husband's maternal grandmother was a Christian from a small village in North Korea. Her husband seems to have been an ambassador to China for the Independent Korean Government. Thus, my mother-in-law was born in Beijing and spent her early childhood in China. Her father was kidnapped from his home by North Koreans on the morning of June 25, 1950 and has never been heard from since. Since there is no proof of his death (though clearly he must be dead by now), the South Korean government won't issue any medals of honor for him or recognize his service in the Independence Movement. But that's another story.


  1. The poor boy must have been feeling really sick. Hopefully all recovered or soon to be. Hope you dont' catch it.

  2. I'm sorry he's sick; hope he's better soon.

    I can't imagine having a family history like your husband's. I think it would force you to strengthen your faith.