My Brain Is On Sabbatical

An announcement: Those of you who are waiting for me to produce a well-written paragraph of thoughtful prose are going to be waiting a long time.

Thinking has moved way down in my list of priorities--somewhere below cleaning the toilet every morning. I've promised myself that I'll move through one Korean lesson each week until I finish the whole darn Yonsei University series. I'm on lesson 33 of 60 lessons, which leaves me still a good six months of regular, unflagging, grueling work ahead. It's taken me more than a year and a half to get to this point, so getting to the end in six or even twelve months is quite optimistic. If I mangage to finish AND absorb (absorption is the key) all that material, I just might be able to pass the KSLT (Korean as Second Language) test and be eligible to study at a Korean univeristy in Korean. Yonsei Univeristy has a decent Th.M. program that seems comparable to the Th.M. I never finished at Dallas Seminary. (Though Yonsei seems much more liberal--whatever that means.) So, virtually all the energy that I have after taking care of my husband and son is going to go into studying Korean. I don't have time to think about politics or theology or anything else.

Henceforth and without further ado, this blog is going to be devoted to fun, frivolous, and trivial things that happen to catch my fancy in between looking up millions of words in the Yahoo!Korea Dictionary.


  1. I'm actually relieved to know that you are a normal mommy. I can't keep up with all your deep thoughts - especially when the toilet needs to be cleaned.

    Here's to frivolity!

  2. Lesson 33! Do you realise you are over half way there? You go girl!!!