Rambling in the Cold

It was so cold this morning when DH and I walked Buggy Boy to his daycare. According to Yahoo Weather, it was about 7 degrees F with a 17 mph wind blowing. It's sunny now, but at the time we left this morning, it was not. And why didn't I wear a coat this morning? Why? Why did I just wear a sweatshirt? And no gloves, no scarf? Do I want to die? Maybe I should check the weather more closely before I go out next time.

Now, I'm getting ready to go out again, and I'm thinking about walking there (with a coat) and taking a cab back. It's only perhaps a half-mile distance, but with a wind chill under 0 degrees F, it's brutal! How people in North Korea stay warm, I don't know. Or maybe I do know. I think they still burn pieces of charcoal called "yeon-tan." My husband said that when he was a child that was the only heating available. His family was well-off, too. He said he remembers his parents buying 2,000 "yeon-tan" each winter. Seems like a lot to me, since they lived in an area that rarely goes below the freezing point.

No wonder Korean food is usually served extremely hot--we're talking temperature here. I've burnt my tongue countless times trying to eat the soups that are cooked in stone or clay bowls. It keeps boiling and boiling even after it is taken off the fire. The bowls are a good way to warm freezing hands, though.

DH said his train was delayed yesterday when the subway police, or whatever they're called, evicted a homeless man from the train when he was trying to cook ramen in the car. I feel sorry for the guy. I wouldn't get off the train either in this kind of cold. But how would he cook ramen on the train? Maybe he had cup ramen. I wonder what he did after he got kicked off the train. I know there are homeless shelters in Seoul, but I don't know how many or how full they might be during this time.

On another tanget, I don't know how our apartment stays so warm. We never turn on the heat at all, even when the temperature is in the single digits, but our apartment always stays warm. Strange. Our energy bill is extremely low in the winter, like $7 per month. In the summer, the remarkable heating properties of our room become a curse. I won't even mention how much money we spent on air-conditioning.

Now I gotto go put on my coat, hat, gloves, and scarf. . .

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  1. Oooh, THANK GOD I am not still over there. And to think I was about to complain about the weather here. (Too chilly to be out in a long sleeve shirt.)

    Since heat rises your apartment might be getting the advantage of the heating bill from all those below you. Of course, it also rises in the summer which doesn't help you at all.