1 Peter 4:1-2

Χριστου ουν παθοντος σαρκι
και υμεις την αυτην εννοιαν οπλισασθε,

οτι ο πανθων σαρκι πεπαυται αμαρτιας
εις το μηκετι ανθρωπων επιθυμιας
αλλα θεληματι θεου τον επιλοιπον εν σαρκι βιωσαι χρονον.

ενοιαν (attitude)
οπλισασθε (v. 2nd aor mid impv οπλιζω) to arm
πεπταυται (v. 3rd sing perf pass ind παυω) to suffer
μεκετι no longer
επιθυμιας desire (noun)
επιλοιπον remainder
βιωσαι to live

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  1. I got stuck on this one - so I looked it up. I figured it was about a contrast between Christ and men's desires. Thanks! I like these posts. I love greek - it's such a bold language in a way.