Consider It All As Loss

Well, first I lost a long, detailed post that I spent almost an hour working on. I had already felt guilty for spending time blogging when I could/should be doing language study, so there was no way I could justify spending another hour to redo it. As my son would say, "Bye-Bye!"

Then, I tried to take my son to his doctor for a follow-up appointment , but when I arrived at the station to transfer from the Incheon Line to Seoul Line One, I discovered that the subway was still on partial strike. According to last night's news, the workers union had agreed to the terms presented, so I expected the strike would be over. Not so. The express train from Incheon to Seoul was totally shut down, and the regular train was only coming every 20 minutes instead of every 5 minutes. The platform was so alarmingly packed with people that I knew that if I managed to get on the train it wouldn't even be standing room only--it would be me crushed so closely against everyone else that I wouldn't even have to put my feet on the ground. So we went home. (Photo is of where I was trying to go, but fail to reach.)

Now, Julana asked if we have winter here in Korea. Here's what Buggy and I looked like a few weeks ago.

The view from DH's office window


  1. Great pictures, Hannah. I'm glad you decided not to get on the subway. I have been in one of those mad crushes and literally been carried along by the crowd. It was frightening and I can't imagine having had a child with me.

  2. Hannah,
    I am surprised to see snow in Korea. The span of my ignorance is larger than I thought! But, at least, now you've decreased it a little.
    I appreciate this window into "the far side of the world."

  3. Hey, it looks like it does here! (minus the tall buildings, of course :-) )

    That's a cool carrier you've got Buggy Boy in. I used a (front) over-the-shoulder sling as well as a backpack carrier a lot with my babies but haven't seen a back carrier like that here in the States.

  4. Hannah,
    Love the look for the blog! Very classy. Guess what... I lost a whole long post too. I couldn't believe it. I didn't redo mine either. The phone rang and I ended up having a long discussion about Christianity and being a Christian with a non-Christian relative instead. All things work togethr for good...
    Been thinking of you. Love the photos. You and buggy always look so lovely togehter - as on the love shows.

  5. well I just re-read that. Of course it was meant to say "as in the love shows", meaning the love between you (and not referring to tv shows).