Sunday Morning Thoughts

Though little Buggy Boy woke mama up five times last night, it is a happy and sunny Sunday morning here on the west coast of South Korea. As Buggy naps in the sunshine on the stone bed and mama drinks yet another cup of tea, one Korean gospel station is playing hymns and sermons. I have been checking email. And after reading my mother-in-law's email, I started thinking.

My my 65 year old mother-in-law and my 70 year old father-in-law have just emigrated to Canada and are in the midst of obtaining residency there. This month, my FIL will begin a new job in the Korean research department of the University of B.C. Not everyone is up to launching a new career at age 70--but FIL is. I'm proud of him.

Then, I hear that my almost 80-year grandmother has finally gotten online! This isn't exactly a shock, since Grandma has never gotten old--in my opinion. After raising five children and working as a homemaker for 65 years, she went to work at the age when most people are retiring. Then, at age 70, she headed off by herself to live in Jerusalem and work with refugees coming from Eastern Europe. After that, she's been driving around the country all by herself each summer exploring places she had never seen. And now she's online! She now has her own Gmail account, and she is learning how to use Firefox. I've even been chatting with her and sending her pictures using Hello. She complains to me that she doesn't retain information as well as she did when she was younger, but considering that she is complaining to me through the new chatting program that she is learning, I don't feel too bad for her. The next step is for Grandma to get her own blog! I'll be working on that one.


  1. That is so awesome to hear, Hannah. I have a grandmother who is 82 and still travels the globe. Her most recent trip was to Italy (where she'd already been more than once) to see the Pope. I hope I'll have that much steam left at that age; I know my wanderlust only intensifies with age.

  2. Very cool!!

    What great role models!

    My 80-something grandmother is online too!! It is great IMing with her.

    What a blessing the internet is to those of us so far from home.

    I couldn't imagine what it would be like to wait weeks or even months for letters to arrive from home!

  3. Wow...I am impressed at your grandma!! Looks like you may have some mighty good genes to inherit there! The most fortunate woman to have lived in Israel awhile...apparently in a better time than now too!

    Hope Buggy Boy is well...this awful flu has been going around here...some say up to 9 weeks to recovery...incredible!