This Blog is About to Be Moved

Yes, folks, I am leaving my humble blogger home behind and moving to a brand new site with a brand new template. My excitement even exceeds the joy I felt when I finally bought a yoghurt maker--and that was nearly pure bliss. No joke.

This new blog will use tags (like Flickr and instead of categories. Honestly, I haven't felt this relaxed in months--guess I take this blogging business seriously. I will be announcing the location soon, once I install a few more plugins, get my header to work, and develop a few more pages. The new domain name is quite obvious and you could probably find it without my even telling you. (If you do, leave a comment so I can see if the new comment system is working.)

So, for the next few days, this blog will be being prepared for it's new home. You are free to leave comments here, but I don't think I can import them to the new site. I'm having major issues with the PHP script, and may not be able to import my previous posts at all. Thus, you may want to save your energy for the upcoming Grand Opening.

PS I won't be erasing this site, but I will soon be asking you to change your bookmarks.

1 comment:

  1. I found you! I LOVE it. Did you do all the designing yourself? I am suitably impressed if you did.