Big News: I'm Leaving

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No, I'm not leaving this blog, in case you were wondering. But I'm leaving Korea. On Saturday, August 26th, Buggy Boy and I will fly down from the sky in the hot afternoon sun and put our feet down on the soil of Dallas, Texas. Most likely, we'll be in an airplane, not actually flying on our own power. Just in case you got the wrong impression.

On Sunday, we'll try to settle in the Dallas, and then Monday morning at 8 AM, I'll be starting classes again at Dallas Seminary. I'm sure 36 hours will be plenty of time for me to adjust to the ungodly heat of Dallas, get over my presumable jetlag, and be ready for a semester composed entirely of Hebrew and Greek classes. No problem there. (For those of you who want the gory details: OT101-102 Hebrew, NT220 Discourse Features of NT Greek, and Exegesis of 1 Corinthians)
Seriously, the peace I have thus far as I prepare to go through this transition astonishes me. I have a history of near-nervous breakdowns when facing large decisions involving any uncertainties. There is something in me that cannot bear to see the sun go down without planning out the next 60 years. Yet this time, the only thing keeping me awake at night is my fear that I'm too relaxed. It's not like my current plan is airtight.

My husband has been urging me to go back to Dallas and finish my degree almost since we landed on Korean soil two years ago. I swore I would never, ever go back without him. Being separated almost seems sinful to me. But not to my husband. Being separated for some time is a quite common situation in Korean families. My husband's own father spent a number of years getting his Ph.D. in Japan while his wife and children stayed behind in Korea. No one I speak to in Korea seems to find anything strange about me leaving to study and my husband staying behind to work.

So, finally, I've decided my husband is right, and I do need to go back and finish my degree. Our pastor and the members of our church here all support me and gave me a wonderful farewell last Sunday after church. So, I'm going with the blessing and peace of the people whose opinion matter. Yet, I confess I still sometimes fear what people will think of me. Perhaps because I used to be a master of narrow minded judgmentalism, I expect to find the same in others. Rarely is that fear realized, but there is always a person or two that doesn't let me down.

If gambling weren't prohibited in seminary, I'd lay down a $2 bill that I'm going to be an oddity on campus. (But forget seminary. I can safely lay down my fortunes that I'll be an oddity wherever I go. Sniff. Sniff.) Official statistics state that DTS has 1,476 male students and 461 female students Among those women, I only know of one student who is the mother of young children. There was one other who like me had a baby in the middle of her studied, but she graduated. And I doubt there is anyone else whose husband is working in another country to support her. Let me know if I'm wrong.

Like the prophets, I have times when I wonder what God is trying to do. Both on a macro and micro scale. I can't complain about what God has done in my life thus far. Blessing have abounded. But I have to admit I find His dealings to be a little. . . weird. Just when I thought my life was weird enough, it just gets weirder. At this rate, I'll be a unspeakably strange person by the time I'm 50. (Some of you would say I don't have to wait that long. . .) I guess God wants some variety in his kingdom.


  1. Blessings to you Hannah. I've big checking your blog waiting for the big news! I was just telling a friend today about a piece of advice I heard this summer that has meant a lot to me. It goes something like this, "If you muddle together you identity and your role you won't be gutsy, You will fear you will fail."

    May your identity continue to be rooted in Jesus Christ!

    Christie G.

  2. Hey, call me soon and check your emails! I want to hang out! :)

    Angela Faith

  3. Hey, check your emails...I want to hang out!

    Angela Faith

  4. Best of luck with your studies.

  5. I just found your blog.

    Every blessing in this new phase of your life.

    Maria in the UK

  6. Hi Hannah,
    How have you been? How is the new journey in Dallas? Hope all is well with you. And if you happen to have chance, drop me some updates on your life!