Ampd Mobile is the Worse Cellphone Provider Ever!

Disgusting! Avoid Ampd Mobile! I ordered a cell phone from Ampd one month ago with a prepaid plan. They sent it out to me, but I couldn't get it activated no matter how hard I tried. I tried contacting them by phone, email, and chat, but I couldn't reach anyone. The pathetic response which I copied below is all I could get. What rip off! They promised me a $100 rebate but without getting my phone number I can't get the rebate.

--- Original Message ---
From: "Hannah Im"
Received: 03/20/2007 11:35am Eastern Standard Time (GMT - 4:00 )
Subject: Unable to active

Dear Ampd,

I received my Hollywood phone last Friday. Since then, I have been unable to
activate it. When I attach the phone to my pc and attempt to install it, it
gives me an error message that the driver cannot be found, even after I
specify that the driver is on the CD. I tried this on several computers. I
am running Win XP.

Also, when I log in to, there is no information at all about this
current purchase. I cannot even find out what my current number is. I
already paid for $20 worth of minutes, and I expect to be able to use them.

I appreciate your prompt attentiont to this matter.


H Im

Hi hnedrow@****.com,
Thanks for your email.

We apologize that it has taken longer than the promised 24-48 hours to get to your e-mail but we are growing faster than expected. If your problem has been solved please do not respond to this e-mail however if it has not been solved please call in at 1-866-811-0091 so we can assist you.

Have we answered your question? We hope so. If any other questions come to mind, feel free to email back.


  1. hmm, you should have just bought a Globe with global roaming activated SIM card while you were in the PI... hehehe! it can even send you ERAP jokes everyday...

    just kidding! I hope you get the help you need soon. :)


  2. Hannah,

    My cell phones are always hand-me-downs. Phones are a lot more complicated than they used to be.

  3. you are right ampd is the worst cell phone company out there. they do not give adamn about their customers,they have the worst and most rude customer service.i have been waiting over a month to get a new phone on warranty and i bet there is hundreds more of us who have been taken for a ride by this advice is stay clear of them

  4. Van - in phone cell hellMay 28, 2007 3:44 AM

    Yes Hannah - I couldn't agree with you more. I have neever seen one company have soooooo many problems. I t took them FOUR months to send me my first bill. Each month I would call ( after a 45 minute wait to even speak with a live person) and they would teel me that they could not find an account for me - so i couldn't even send in an advanced payment. After finally getting a bill I called and made arrangements to py two bills at a time each month. Only prob was 2 weeks later I laundered my phone (my bad!) and they referred me to the insurance company. Four weeks later I get mey new phone ( MInd you the insurance company leaves a recorded message on your home phone every day to teel you to clal them back for an update - only to tell you your phone isn't in yet). A week after recieving my replacement phone - they terminated my service for non payment. Paid bill ( which was for the months they hadn't billed in a timley fashion and said I could make arrangements for) and requested restoral. They claimed they couldn't give me back my number I had for ten years. Their IT office was moving and customer service could do nothing for TWO WEEKS. Called the Corporate office. Got no response. Called BBB. Someone from Corp.called. Told problem. Never heard from again. Kept checking telephone line every day ( mind you - it had arecording on the line that said " Number disconnected, Changed or no longer in service - I had asked for a transfer of calls recording until they fixed the problem - i use this number for business). Finally line back on two weeks ago- just reicived my current bill- no adjustments for out of service - with threat of disconnect sent in text message to my phone. and guess what - as i was trying to reach the Amp'd customer care e-mail to complain about that ---I was transferred to this blog LOL
    If you even see the AMp'd or Moto commericial - run in fear AHHHHHHH!