I'm Going to Be on TV-KBS2

Got a call from my Pastor yesterday. He said, "I got a call from a reporter at KBS2 and they want to meet you."


"Yes, I gave them your phone number. They want to interview you."

A few minutes later. . . The reportor called.

"Can I meet you this afternoon?"

"Okay." Took deep breath and immediate bolted out the door to buy new lipstick, hair gel, and nail polish.

In the presence of two tall iced mochas and one kiwi juice, we settled on next Wednesday as the filming date.

Oh yes, the topic: food. Burritos, in particular. The reporter remains unconvinced that burritos are an American food. Sigh.

What's an American food anyway, folks? I could make pizza, but no that's Italian. I could make my favorite spicy rice noodles, but no that's Thai.

The program will be shown in Korean on KBS2 on July 16. I forgot the time.


  1. I would call burritos a Mexican influenced American food. Similar to "Tex-Mex". From the influence of burritos (and Chinese egg-rolls) we get the current concept of "wraps" that you can get at Sub-way and Wendy's and all that. Not to mention "breakfast burritos" from Burger King and McD-which are about as far away from a real burrito as you can get. Pizza? an Italian influenced American food. Rumor has it that the actual folks from Mexico and Italy think the American version of pizza and burritos are a joke. Spaghetti? We think that is so Italian. Guess what, supposedly the Italians learned noodle making from the Chinese. So, what is American food? That would be the food we consume here in the USA.
    Good luck with the filming. Wish I could watch it.

  2. Wow! I hope you can get a copy of it so that I can see it, too, eventually. Well...Americans came from all over the world and brought their food with them, but some has changed. I agree that the American version of pizza is a joke (I've been to Italy)! I went to Mexico, too, and in my experience, they often like to scoop the fillings up with their tortilla, but they also put any leftovers into tortillas and serve them as burritos even if the leftovers aren't what I would think of as typical burrito fillings. The only food in America that I can think of at the moment that wasn't based on a foreign food is peanut butter, so if a food is not American because it was copied, then Americans eat mostly foreign food:). Philipinos have adopted American food, too, but some of it doesn't taste American anymore.

  3. What's an American food anyway? I can think of lots of things.

    Corn on the cob dripping with butter, Maine lobster, Maryland crab cakes, blueberry buckle, peach cobbler, strawberry shortcake (made with fresh biscuits), Brunswick stew, stuffed turkey, cranberry sauce, key lime pie, New York cheesecake, shrimp creole, jambalaya, pulled pork sandwiches, chili dogs, California rolls, New England clam chowder, Chicago-style hot dogs, turkey burgers, oysters Rockefeller, watermelon pickles, smoothies and potato chips.

    Now I'm hungry.

    By the way, anyone who thinks American pizza is a joke should try the pizza in my neighborhood. Beats most of the stuff you'd find in Italy.