Blacks, Asians, and Over-30's Need Not Apply

My favorite Korean female singer is Insooni , a 50-something of mixed Korean-Black heritage. With a powerful voice and a inspiring story of overcoming racism, she never fails to lift my spirits. Sometimes, I forget that the racism she overcame is still alive and well.

The school where I teach English in Incheon, South Korea is looking for new teachers. The hiring process is time-consuming, especially since the Korean government wisely began requiring criminal background checks for all new English teachers. The head of the foreign teachers has been searching through applications for several months. Some of what he received is not pretty. Exhibit A: Photo of a 60-year old white man in an undershirt with his arms around an 18-year old Filipina woman. (If that was the best picture he could find for his resume, make you wonder what the other pictures were like.)

So after several months of searching through 100's of resumes, my supervisor selected two people. Both were academically qualified, experienced teachers who (as a nice bonus) appeared to not be predators or pedophiles. What more could one ask for?

My school's manager rejected both them on one basis only: their races. One applicant was a black male. The other applicant was a Korean-American. The manager, who is a Korean, explicitly stated that she only wants to hire people with blonde-hair and blue eyes who are under the age of 30.

Our school will likely have to cancel classes after I leave because of the lack of teachers. I hope they loose a lot of money.


  1. That's really sad!:-( I don't think 30 is that old, and there are a lot of non-white Americans who are just as American as anyone else.

    Here in the Philippines, I've read many job adds that specify age, such as between 23 and 28, or 21 and 26 etc., and often specify the gender of the applicant, and those are for all kinds of jobs, not just teaching English. It makes me think that it must be hard to get a job if you're in your 30's or 40's or older. And don't people gain more knowledge, experience, and wisdom as they get older? (Not to mention the race and gender issues.)

  2. Really sad....I would agree if the basis for not accepting an applicant is crime or whatever ground that will endanger where that person will be working....

    Well, racism seems to have been there even at the early days but I hope people today learn and know better then our world be far better.

    This post is interesting and sad:(