2008 in Review

January-- Started taking a Chinese conversation class every morning.
February--Started a second job teaching at a Government Education Institute.
March--Endured a terrible month.
April--Started riding my bike back and forth to work.
June--Quit my job at YBM.
July--Started studying Korean in Seoul at Yonsei University.
August--Moved into my own apartment.
September--Dad visited from the US (thanks, Dad!).
October--Spent large sums of money furnishing my apartment.
November--Bought a lovely little brown poodle.
December--Wrapped up this year's classes and had a big birthday party.


  1. You look so cute.
    Where is that picture taken?

  2. Thanks Sunny. It was taken in a Traditional tea house not far from my apartment. If you come, I'll take you there. (hint hint)