10 Things I Love About Korea

(1) I love the public transportation system. I love the subway, the city bus system, and the inter-city bus system. It's clean, reliable, safe and cheap.

(2) I love the medical care, especially the state-provided health insurance. No, it's not perfect but yes it's better than what I had in the US. The doctors' offices are extremely modern and well-equipped, I can walk-in at any time and I usually pay only about $2-3 per visit. Yeah, and it's pretty easy to see a specialist.

(3) I love the shopping, especially for accessories. Korea is the place for costume jewelry, scarves, and hats!

(4) I love the internet access. Extremely high speed internet access is cheap and available almost everywhere.

(5) I love the cell-phone culture. I've totally gotten into sending text messages in Korean.

(6) I love the restaurant culture. Eating out is relatively cheap and the food is healthy.

(7) I love how easy it is to make money here. Granted that's not true for all people, but it's true for me.

(8) I love the fact that people leave me alone. I'm not sure if I just look scary or if Korean people tend to be reserved (actually, I know, but anyway. . .) but I like the fact that I can walk around freely and not a soul is brave enough to try their English on me.

(9) I love the vegetable market near my home. Seriously, this is a major reason I want to stay in Korea.

(10) I love the recycling program. I recycle almost everything.


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  1. You do not look scary. yea, they may not be brave enough to try their English on you:). I wish the recycling program here in the Philippines is as effective as there.