My Mother-in-Law In Beijing (Early 1930's)

My Mother-in-Law was born in Beijing.
Her parents had left Korea to seek refuge in China during the Japanese Occupation.

My mother-in-law with her parents.
Her father was a member of the Korean Resistance and spent his time in China as a kind of ambassador for the anti-Japanese movement.
They returned to Seoul when my mother-in-law was in elementary school.
Upon returning, her father was sadly arrested by North Korean forces and never heard from again.
He is still listed as "missing" not "deceased."
After that tragedy, her mother went on to raise two children alone and build a large and prosperous manufacturing business.
She was one of the few female self-made "millionaries" in 1950's Korea.
She died in her early 40's of breast cancer.

My mother-in-law's younger brother emigrated to Brazil after graduating from college.
Like his own mother, he started a very successful clothing manufacturing business.
Like his mother, he also died young, as a rich man.

My mother-in-law is now fighting colon cancer.
Pray for her.


  1. Hannah - these are great photos and interesting stories! I can't wait to ask (and understand!) my mother-in-law about her experiences in life. I've heard bits & pieces from my husband, but for some reason he doesn't seem nearly as interested in her past as I am. I know that she lived above the 38th parallel before the war (so she was "North Korean"). As they fled south when she was a child, her mother was shot & killed in front of her. I don't know much else. I can't wait to learn more.

    p.s. glad to see that you're blogging again. :-)

  2. Oh, and I will pray for your mother-in-law. That's sad to hear that she has cancern. :-(

  3. On March 5 My mother has gone through the serious test after her surgery 6 month ago. The test result came out "Clean" no trace of tranferring to any other organ so far. Thank God for this. My mother wants to thank everyone who prayed about her health. Who am I? I'm Hannah's mother-in-law's son of course.

  4. The history of your in-laws would make quite a Korean Drama.

  5. Julie, I hope you do find out a lot more about your MIL!