David Slides and a Model T Spark Coil

One of my resolutions has been to avoid the consumption of pirated, fake, or ripped off goods. Considering that I am a You Tube addict, I have had to erase most of the videos I had marked as favorites, since most of them were uploaded without permission of the original artist.

This has been nothing but a good decision. Far from suffering, I have been benefiting from forcing myself to branch out and listen to new artists. Check out the amazing pianist David Slides. He has a cover of Rihanna's Live Your Life which is breathtaking. I'm not even a fan of Rihanna, but every one of Slide's piano covers are gorgeous, whether or not I liked the original song.

If you have other artists to recommend, let me know. My musical tastes are wide, wide, wide as the Montana sky. Classical, pop, hip-hop, opera, new age, rock, alternative, Celtic--it's all good to me.

You gotta check out this guy's screwy sense of humor. What kind of kid would hook up a Model T spark coil to a doorknob and shoot sparks out his finger anyway? I've known this guy for quite some time, more than 28 years, in fact, and I can attest that he hasn't lost any of his screwiness.


  1. Check out Josh Ritter. Originally from Moscow ID. If you like somewhat folksy stuff.

  2. Cool! I'm listening to him now playing "The River." Love folksy stuff.