My First Day in China

Exiting the passenger area to meet my friend at the Shenzhen International Airport.
I was more than a little confused. I left without picking my luggage and had to go back inside to get it.
Compared to Incheon Airport, Shenzhen Airport is quiet and peaceful.

Unloading my bags from the car.
In the background is the apartment complex where my son and I stayed.
Since it was just before Chinese New Year, there were red/orange lanterns everywhere.

Nothing like a table full of homemade Chinese food to make me happy.

My son with my friend, Zhang Jun.
Just after this picture was taken, my son insisted on eating the Pringles (see them on the shelf on the left?).
I didn't let him, of course.

P.S. Yes, I've been quite late in posting these. Sorry! More to come later!
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  1. Judjing from the short sleeves, it must have been very warm there.