Amigurumi Horse I Made

This was my very first attempt at amugurumi, and I'm hooked now.
I modified it a bit by not adding a horn or ears and by adding a little saddle. 


  1. Hi Hannah,
    I was just thinking of you today! I blogged regularly at blogspot a good number of years ago, and I followed your blog regularly. I stopped blogging at Blogger and joined WordPress (Still as Testimony and Truth) this summer and am back to blogging. But I have connected with Faraja and other of my blogger friends from years ago on Facebook, but wasn't able to track you down. I came back here and found you were still here...yay! I can't believe how BIG your son is now!! I remember when he was first born. It's amazing the things you learn about your blogger friends when you keep up with their blogs. :-) I'm happy to find a post from you this year, and I'm adding you to my sidebar over at WordPress. I hope you keep blogging...I was always fond of your writing. :-)

    God bless,

  2. Hi Hannah! I love your version, especially the saddle and the colour choice, so cute! thank you for sharing your photos. :)